Taylor Pond House & Grounds Guidelines

The Taylor Pond Yacht Club facilities are available year-round for all of our members to use and enjoy. We hope this introductory information is helpful. To ensure that this pleasant environment remains appealing to everybody, TPYC has some basic rules which focus on safety and common courtesy. Please familiarize your family with these guidelines and enforce them when necessary during the year.


The same combination opens the locks on the entrance gate and both of the clubhouses. To open, arrange the combination numbers in the correct order, gently press the ends of the lock together and then pull apart. If it doesn’t open, check to make sure you used the correct combination numbers. The opened lock and the chain should remain on the left side gate post. Push the gate in and leave it open.


There are drainage bumps along the road, so please proceed slowly. We must observe the 7mph speed limit when driving on the club grounds. Kids are frequently darting across the road to reach the beach and picnic area.

After opening a clubhouse, please hang the lock on the provided hook on the inside doorframe.

The last person to leave the club grounds should turn off all lights and close and lock the doors of both club­ houses. The final vehicle to leave the grounds must close and lock the entrance gate. Just loop the chain through the gate extension, push the lock halves together and twirl the numbers a little. This rule must be observed 24/7. Please do not assume that another member will be coming out to use the club.

Curfew for the clubhouses and grounds for Junior members (age 18 and younger) is 9:30 pm unless they are with an adult family member or are attending a supervised TYPC scheduled activity.

Smoking, vaping, and marijuana use are not allowed anywhere on the club grounds. 


Senior: The main room, fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms, and screened-in porch are always available for adult members to use. Basic bi-weekly cleaning is scheduled, but daily tidiness should be maintained by those who use the facilities.

The Juniors (age 18 and younger) have their own clubhouse. Juniors should stay out of the Senior clubhouse unless they are invited in during a special function (eg. McGuckian Cup or Award Ceremony), are eating with their parents on the porch, or in any emergency where parental attention is necessary. The support of parents on this issue is needed. Please have your children use the bathroom in the Junior clubhouse.

Junior: The main room, changing room, and bathroom (cleaned by staff weekly) are to be kept tidy by the kids who use them. Personal items should be taken home daily. The games are there to be enjoyed by all the children.

The lockers in the Junior clubhouse can be rented for the year. You must provide your own lock. Please speak with the sailing instructor about availability and the reasonable rental fee.

Furled sails may be stored on the overhead beams. The sails are not to be left hanging down to dry.

The light switch for the deck globes is located on the left door jamb in the Sr. clubhouse closet. The motion detection spotlight which illuminates the stairs is self-controlling.

The water system for the clubhouses will be connected in early spring and shut off in the fall. This pond water is OK for washing, but not for drinking. Bottled water-coolers are located in both clubhouses.

No alcohol is to be left in the clubhouse or on the grounds overnight.

Paper supplies are located in the Sr. clubhouse kitchen cabinets & drawers and in the entrance closet. The phones in both clubhouses are for local calls only. The TPYC number is 783-8458.

The deck area between the two clubhouses should be kept clear. Please don’t clutter with sail bags, life jackets, or other items that could be a tripping hazard. Kids should walk and not run on this deck.

Bulletin boards for TPYC information and communications are located in both clubhouses and outside on the deck that connects the two clubhouses. Members are welcome to post club-related flyers.

First Aid Boxes are located on the shelf in the Sr. clubhouse kitchen and on the wall near the phone in the Jr. clubhouse. Please put a note on the bulletin board in the Sr. clubhouse if supplies are needed.


Outside of lesson time, parents or babysitters are always responsible for their children and their friends while they are in the water. THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD.

The BEACH AREA should be kept clean at all times. Please use the provided trash cans for all garbage. Members are welcome to use the beach furniture and the bin provided for toy storage.

Children not taking lessons should swim outside the lesson area designated by the swimming instructor. For safety reasons, there should be no rocking or rough play on the swim rafts.

Please observe all posted rules related to using the dock.

Fishing is not allowed from the beach area to avoid the possibility that a hook could become hidden in the sand or swimming area. 

Fishing is permitted from the dock if there is no activity in the area.

The BOAT DOCK should be kept clear of all gear and personal items.

All non-swimmers and children aged 10 and under MUST wear a life jacket when on the dock.

There should be no running on the dock.

Swimming from the dock is not permitted except as part of a staff-organized activity.

Water skiing, tubing, and knee-boarding are never allowed from the dock and are only allowed from the beach area when part of a club-scheduled adult-supervised event.

The water quality of Taylor Pond must be a concern for us all. Please avoid using soaps, cleaners, adhesives, pesticides or other potentially harmful products near or in the water. Baking soda is suggested for boat cleaning.


It is imperative that you check your boats for any plant growth before you launch them into the pond. Taylor Pond is milfoil free and we want to keep it that way!! For more information go to www.taylorpondassociation.org.

Motorboats within 200 feet of the dock, mooring area, swim rafts, and the beach area must not exceed wake speed (lowest possible speed to maintain forward progress).

The club power boats may be used by the Commodore, the Harbor Master, the Fleet Captain, the Bosun, the Racing/Sailing Committee, sailing instructors, and persons designated by them for specific occasions.

Adult members who have been checked out for familiarity with the motor may use the club patrol boat when necessary for boat and mooring maintenance.

Junior members must receive special training from the sailing instructors to use the club motorboats.

The club dinghy may be used to move your boat from and back to its mooring. It is not to be left on your mooring.

Large motorboats may use the dock to pick up or discharge passengers. They are not to be left on the dock unattended.

No boats except the club dinghy and the club patrol boat should be left on the dock overnight. To prevent damage from the prevailing southwest breezes, these boats must be tied to the north side of the dock. All equipment should be properly secured.

Motorized personal water craft (Jet Skis, Ski-Doos etc.) are prohibited.

The timed controlled switch for the dock spotlight is located on the Sr. porch midway on the wall. 

Mooring sites must be obtained from the Harbor Master, his phone number on the information list on the Sr. clubhouse bulletin board. For the safety of the other moored boats, any new mooring must be constructed according to TPYC specifications.

Moorings are free for boats used in sailing lessons. A few others are available for rent at $40/ summer.

No boats should be left on the beach. Parents must be able to see their children at all times near the water. For necessary boat maintenance, please use the weedy area south of the beach or the sandy section north of the beach.

Do not borrow boats, parts, or equipment without the owner’s permission.

All boaters not involved in the instructional programs must keep clear of the students.

According to current Coast Guard regulations, all watercraft must be equipped with an approved life preserver (PFD) for every occupant. Yes………there are spot checks by game wardens on the pond.

The club policy is that all children under 14 years of age MUST wear a life jacket (PFD) when in a boat of any kind. This rule applies at all times. TPYC encourages all other boaters to wear their PFDs.

Members’ canoes, kayaks, and rowing shells may be stored for no fee on the A-frame racks which are located next to the beach area. These racks are for frequently used boats to allow easy access to the water for launching. Those used only a few times during the summer should be stored on the ground out of the way of the A-frames or in the field near the trees to the left of the tennis courts.

Please label all your boats and equipment with your name and phone number. The TPYC Lost & Found Box is located in the Junior clubhouse.

It should be understood that TPYC is not responsible for lost or damaged boats or equipment.

No gasoline cans or gasoline engines of any kind are to be stored in or under the clubhouses. This is an insurance requirement and every member’s responsibility. Properly labeled gas cans may be stored in the Bosun’s shack located beyond the Jr. clubhouse. Check with the Fleet Captain for the lock combi­ nation. You can find his phone number on the information list on the Sr. clubhouse bulletin board.


The courts are for all members to use. However, the tennis lesson program, club tournaments and members who reserve specific times have priority. The reservation sign-up sheet can be found on the Sr. clubhouse bulletin board in the upper left-hand corner. Adults have priority for court times in the evenings and on the weekends.

The tennis committee will set up the nets in the spring and take them down in the fall. dates

determined by the weather. They are not to be lowered after each use.

The controls and operating instructions for the court lights are located in the Sr. clubhouse kitchen on the wall to the right of the window counter. Please make sure they are turned off at the end of play.

Only non-marking court shoes are to be worn on the courts. Flip flops and bare feet are not allowed.

The courts are for tennis only. Children are not to play games, ride bikes or skateboard on them. No food should be taken onto the court. All liquids should be in spill-proof bottles.

Please stand the court squeegee up to dry after using it.

Please don’t bring furniture onto the courts as the legs may make holes in the surface. Sun umbrellas should be lowered after use.


The speed limit on the grounds is 7 miles an hour. Please watch out for children at all times. Cars should be parked only on the tennis court side of the road.

The swing-set may be enjoyed by all the children. Parents should provide supervision.

The barbeque pit may be used by all members. Please bring your own charcoal and lighter fluid unless you are attending a scheduled club activity. BBQ cooking utensils are stored in the Sr. clubhouse in the drawers between the stove and the sink. Please clean them after use.

The gas grills are for all members to use. Follow normal safety precautions & be sure to turn off the gas.

Please help keep the grounds, tennis courts, beach area and clubhouses clean by using the provided trash cans and recycle bins. Weekly garbage removal is provided by TPYC staff.

A “trash in……trash out” policy will help keep the back fields and trails clean and appealing for other members to enjoy while walking or cross-country skiing.

All games should be played in the ball field to the right of the tennis courts, not in the picnic, BBQ or beach areas. Parents are asked to help enforce this rule.

Firearms are never allowed on the club grounds. TPYC property is posted for “NO HUNTING” (effective 8/2013). However, we strongly recommend that you wear orange while at the club during hunting season in the fall. In Maine there is no hunting allowed on Sundays.

Hunting bows & arrows and wrist slingshots are not allowed on the groomed areas of the grounds.


TPYC Many Hands Make Light Work policy

For more than 75 years, Taylor Pond Yacht Club’s members have voluntarily shared the work necessary for the successful operation of the Club.This volunteer service has kept dues and lesson fees low and made many friendships as members to get to know other members while pitching in.

This year the Board has adopted a procedure to make it easier for members, especially new members, to find ways to contribute. All members are required to volunteer for service on one or more committees by April 1.

Please read the policy and the list of committees on the TPYC website. Click here: https:// taylorpondyachtclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/TPYC-Many-Hands-Light-Work-Policy-2023.pdf

Email your choice of the committee (choose three in order of preference) to petergarcia207@gmail.com. The Board will review the list of volunteers and preferences and make assignments.

Thank you for pitching in. It’s how TPYC works.


Members are allowed to bring their dogs onto the club grounds if they comply with the following rules. It is understood that the owners take full responsibility for their dog’s actions.

  • To use this privilege, the owner must sign up on the list posted on the Senior clubhouse bulletin board and put a copy of the dog’s current registration and current proof of vaccination in the attached envelope.
  • Members’ dogs will be able to use the beach area to go swimming on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7 to 9am. (There are no club lessons on these mornings.)

Dogs may also swim on Sunday mornings from 7 to 10am. (The club is usually empty at this time.)

  • If members are in the area launching rowing shells or other small boats, the owners must keep their dogs on a leash until the area is clear of member activity.
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 9am and on Sundays from 7 to 10am the dogs can use the ball-field area for running exercise.
  • The dogs must be leashed between the beach and the ball-field.
  • Dogs are never allowed on the tennis courts.
  • The dogs must be in the owner’s sight at all times.
  • All refuse must be picked up and taken home by the owner.
  • There will be a zero tolerance policy for the pet owners who do not comply with these rules. Offenders’ dogs will be banned from the TPYC grounds.
  • Owners who are seen breaking these rules can be reported by calling the Commod6re or by

leaving a note about the violation on the Senior clubhouse bulletin board.

Dogs are not allowed on the club grounds at any other time.

TPYC is not responsible for any injury to the dogs while they are on the club grounds.


Non-family Guests

Non-family guests must always be accompanied by an adult club member.

An adult from the local area is welcomed as a guest to the club a total of 2 times a season. In addition, they may also attend Member-guest events. If they want to visit TPYC more often than this, they are encouraged to become a member. Please contact the Commodore for new membership information.

Friends of members’ children are not restricted by the “2 times” rule. They must be adult supervised.

Short-term house guests of members are welcome for all activities. Dates of our single members are always welcome.

Non-family guests should be limited to 10 guests at a time for each membership unit. Family Guests

All family members visiting from out-of-town are welcome to join you at the club.

Local parents over 60 of current members are always welcome to attend club activities with their families.

Children visiting from out-of-town are welcome to join in all activities whenever they are home.

Members’ children aged 18 to 23 who are living at home may enjoy full membership privileges.

Members’ adult children aged 24 or older who live at home or in the local area are limited to the twice a year rule. TPYC encourages these children to apply for membership. The initiation fee is waived.

Family gatherings are limited to 30 family members. Their activities ,should be restricted to the outdoor areas and not inside the clubhouses. As a courtesy to other TPYC members, folks planning such a family event should advise the Commodore well in advance to avoid conflicts with previously scheduled club events. This will also allow time to alert the membership of the planned family event. Please remember that your activity must not interfere with members’ regular use of all the club facilities.


The TPYC facilities are available for rent twice a year after the Labor Day Weekend. The renting party must be club affiliated. A rental will not prevent TPYC members from using the club facilities. Contact the Commodore for more detailed information.

A printout of the latest information will always be posted on the bulletin board in the Sr. clubhouse.

Minutes of the TPYC Board meetings can be found in the labeled envelope on the Sr. bulletin board. Please return them to the envelope when you have finished reading them.

A survey may be sent to all members in the fall looking for feedback on the summer’s activities. Your opinions are important as we plan for the following season.

Please contact the Commodore with any questions, concerns or suggestions that you might have about

our club. It takes everybody to make TPYC a special place for all of us to enjoy……..

revised 4/2013 PMG

updated 6/2015 PMG