Prospective Members

Taylor Pond Yacht Club membership is available to individuals and families. Membership dues cover use of the club grounds for one full year. Members also receive discounted rates on our summer swimming, sailing and tennis lessons. Members may store boats, canoes or kayaks on the property for the duration of the season. Club grounds are also available for rent to members for large gatherings after Labor Day.

2023 Taylor Pond Yacht Club Membership Rates

  • Family Membership: $500 – Includes 2 adult parent or guardians and all household resident children under the age of 18. 
  • Singles with Children: $375 – Includes 1 adult parent or guardian – and all household resident children under the age of 18. 
  • Couples Membership: $375 – A couples membership is meant for any couple who wish to join TPYC together. 
  • Single Membership: $250 – A single membership is for one individual.

Discounts, Fees & Requirements

  • Lessons Discount: As a member of Taylor Pond Yacht Club you are also entitled to a discount on Summer Lessons Programming.
  • Initiation Fee: In addition: a one-time $50 initiation fee will be charged per adult parent or guardian (family membership has a $100 initiation fee) in addition to your dues at time of payment of first dues.
  • Requirements of Membership: All members are obliged, in accordance with the TPYC by-laws to participate in opening and closing day activities, this is in addition to the Many Hands Make Light Work policy (see below),
  • Membership Early Payment Discount Discontinued: Beginning March 2023, The TPYC Board of Governors has elected to discontinue the policy of having a discount for early payment of membership dues. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Many Hands Make Light Work

For more than 75 years, Taylor Pond Yacht Club’s members have voluntarily shared the work necessary to the successful operation of the Club.This volunteer service has kept dues and lesson fees low, and made many friendships as members to get to know other members while pitching in.

This year the Board has adopted a procedure to make it easier for members, especially new members, to find ways to contribute. All members are required to volunteer for service on one or more committees by April 1.

Please read the policy, and the list of committees on the TPYC website.

Email your choice of committee (choose three in order of preference) to The Board will review the list of volunteers and preferences and make assignments.

Thank you for pitching in. It’s how TPYC works.

Join TPYC Today: To inquire about membership or to request application materials, please contact Kathy Lawrence of the Membership Committee.