Board of Governors

According to the TPYC Bylaws, the Board of Governors of Taylor Pond Yacht Club shall have the general charge and supervision of the affairs of TPYC and may appoint committees, agents and officials not specifically provided for herein. All committees and officials shall be responsible to, and shall report to, the Board of Governors. The Board shall meet as often as deemed necessary.

Meetings of the Board of Governors

Typically the Board of Governors meet twice per month in the late winter and spring (second & fourth Wednesday) via video conference call and once per month (third Wednesday at 6:00) during the summer and fall at the club. Meetings for the year ending after the TPYC season comes to close. Scheduled meetings are found on the Club Calendar and are included in regular club emails in advance of the meetings. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend and contribute to the Board of Governors meetings. A segment of each meeting is dedicated to giving members an opportunity to speak directly to the board about matters of importance to the Club or the membership. If you wish to submit an agenda item for an upcoming meeting please email the Commodore.

Meeting Minutes

Board meeting minutes are typically posted during the week of the meeting here. Please note that access to the minutes is restricted to members, if you attempt to open a set of minutes, you will be asked to enter a password. If you do not know the password for minutes, you can request it from the Vice-Commodore by email.


Committees serve to manage either the activities and needs of the membership or to assume the care and maintenance of the Club and its Facilities. Current active Committees that participate in regular board meetings include: Sailing, Racing, Social, Membership, Communications, Forest, Landscaping. Other committees that attend or report on an as needed basis include: Docks, Tennis Committee, and the recently created, but yet to convene History Committee.

Members are encouraged to participate in the activities of the Board of Governors and its committees and should reach out to the Commodore for more information on joining a committee.

Annual Meeting for All Members

The Board of Governors is also charged with holding the Taylor Pond Yacht Club Annual Meeting. Tradition holds that the Annual Meeting falls on Labor Day (first Monday in September). Members are obliged by nature of their membership at TPYC to have at least one adult from their membership unit attend the Taylor Pond Yacht Club Annual Meeting

Taylor Pond Yacht Club – 2022 Board of Governors

Commodore–Bill Horton                     207-576-8610/
Vice-Commodore–Matt Kovacevich   207-400-4699/
Purser–Leslie Shields                          207-577-0301/
Supercargo–Michelle Scott                 207-610-6061/
Bosun–Mik Morrisey                           207-782-1540/
Co-Bosun–Michael Heskanen            207-241-7118/

Member-at-Large–Peter Garcia           207-783-9265/
Member-at-Large–Bob Hayes             207-782-1386/
Member-at-Large–Kathy Lawrence     207-795-6134/
Member-at-Large–Caroline Ward        207-376-5237/
Member-at-Large–Bill Skelton             207-783-9353/
Member-at-Large–Kamal Monga         631-889-9047/