July 2022 – Note to Members regarding this page: As of July 12, 2022, these protocols have not been updated to reflect current US and Maine CDC guidelines. With the recent and extreme drop in cases, and changes in mask mandates and other protocols, we anticipate that the protocols of the past two years will be be updated to reflect the advice and findings of the US and Maine CDC

Pandemic Update
The Coronavirus Pandemic has turned the world on its head and while we want to return, or maybe even retreat to a world of normalcy there are still precautions and guidelines that need to be in place. Most of the guidelines are based on the Maine CDC. To what extent you follow these guidelines is a decision for you and/or family to make, what we are laying out for members is not a mandate, but a set of guidelines. It is also a work in progress, so forgive any gaps.

  • Face Coverings: We recommend using a common-sense approach to face coverings. Have one handy and use it when the situation calls for it—you’ll be setting a good example for the kids, too. 
  • Social Distancing: The same suggestions we offer for face coverings goes for social distancing. Use common sense and please keep 6 feet or more apart in social situations.  
  • Signs: Around the club, there are going to be signs published by the CDC. Use these as a reminder during your time at the club. 
  • Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer has been installed at the entrance to the clubhouses, we encourage its use.
  • Stay Hydrated: Bring your own reusable bottle and refill from the cooler which will soon be in place on the porch, but with a limited supply of disposable cups will be provided.
  • Guidelines for Kids: The Sailing Committee is in the process of finalizing their rules and protocols for summer lessons; once published parents are encouraged to use these as guidelines for their own family, look for that list in your inbox soon. 
  • The Clubhouse Porch: The screened-in porch is available for use, please be mindful of social distancing, wipe areas used with spray cleaner/disinfectant before/after use.
  • Clubhouse Access: The Senior Clubhouse, including the restroom, is open, please maintain social distancing. While it is open, we leave granting access to the Junior Club House up to parents.
  • The Beach: Social distancing isn’t just for the clubhouse spaces, it’s a member responsibility. Besides, we have a lot of room on the beach, so spread out.
  • Beach Toys: For the safety of your children and others it is best to bring your own beach toys and take them home at the end of the day.
  • Playground: The playground equipment will be open for use and the swings will be installed soon. Parents are responsible for making the choice about whether or not they are OK with their kids using the equipment.
  • The Kitchen: The kitchen can be used, but members are expected to sanitize the countertops when done. We have provided cleaner/disinfectant. As a safety precaution all the dishes, plates, utensils, and silverware have been packed away. Instead, you will need to bring disposable goods. 
  • Fridge: Day use only, please do not leave things overnight. 
  • Grills: The gas grills are available for use, there are a few grilling tools in the kitchen draws, please wash before and after use.

Even with the many moving parts that go with this unprecedented situation TPYC is already off to a great summer; we really look forward to seeing you all around the club. All we ask is that you keep open lines of communication with others and use good judgment when in close quarters with other members or guests around the club. We all seem to have, in a short amount of time, worked a lot of these safety precautions into our everyday life and while not everyone is on the same trajectory we all seem to be on the same path, but most of all—we are all in this together