Sailing Event Notices / Registration Info

For Committee Notes, Upcoming Event Weather, and Cumulative Series Scoring and Regatta Results visit the TPYC Racing page.

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Competitors: Please share intent to race by sending an email to Peter Garcia – Coming g Soon: Online Registration

Race Registration, Notices of Race, & Sailing Instructions:

Section 1: Notice of Race
Section 2: Sailing Instructions
Section 3: Sailing Event Registration

Section 3: Sailing Event Registration and Guidelines

Registration: All competitors are required to register in advance. Registration forms for upcoming races are found in the bottom this section. Please register in advance by emailing Peter Garcia.

Race Cancellations: If three boats of one class are not registered by noon on race day, the Sailing Committee may cancel racing for that day. Competitors who wait until the last minute to race may be disappointed.

Racing Classes: At the represent time, the following classes are eligible to race at Taylor Pond Yacht Club:  Optimists (Optis), Turnabouts, FJs, and Lasers.  The Race Committee will provide a separate start and score any class with 3 or more boats. 

Young Sailors: Young sailors who are able to safely sail TPYC owned Optis, Turnabouts and FJs, who can also recover from capsize are welcome and encouraged to race. 

Handicap Racing: If there is demand (3 or more boats) the Race Committee will provide a separate start and score a handicap class.