McGuckian Cup 2016

Overdue membership renewal:

Members who need to renew their membership but are a little behind will be assessed a $20 overdue fee as of June 20.  

Please visit this page to make payment.


Taylor Pond Yacht Club membership is available to individuals and families. Membership dues cover use of the club grounds for one full year. Members also receive discounted rates on our summer swimming, sailing and tennis lessons. Members may store boats, canoes or kayaks on the property for the duration of the season. Club grounds are also available for rent to members for large gatherings after Labor Day.

2022 Rates
TPYC membership fees will remain unchanged for 2022.

Family Membership – $500 – Includes 2 adult parent or guardians and all household resident children under the age of 18. 

Singles with Children – $375 – Includes 1 adult parent or guardian – and all household resident children under the age of 18. 

Couples Membership – $375 – A couples membership is meant for any couple who wishes to join TPYC together. 

Single Membership – $250 – A single membership is for one individual.

Overdue Memberships: To prevent a $20 late payment fee, all members must complete payment to the Purser by June 20.

Discounts & Fees: As a member of Taylor Pond Yacht Club you are also entitled to a 50% discount on Summer Lessons/Programming. In addition: a one-time $50 initiation fee will be charged per adult parent or guardian (family membership has a $100 initiation fee) in addition to your dues at time of payment of first dues. All members are obliged, in accordance with the TPYC by-laws to participate in opening and closing day activities.

Join Today: To inquire about membership or to request application materials, please contact Kathy Lawrence of the Membership Committee.