Club Committee Selection & New Membership Initiation Fee & Dues Payment

This page is for NEW MEMBERS to Taylor Pond Yacht Club.
Returning Members should click here.


This form is for new TPYC members to complete. You will have only been able to access this page through a link provided to you by the Membership Chair or Membership Coordinator after you have been approved for membership by the board. If that is not a true statement, you are in the wrong place.

For new members, welcome to Taylor Pond Yacht Club.

Please complete this form and then payment of your initiation fee and dues.

1. This form will register your TPYC Club Committee Service preferences. Your responses will provide the Volunteer Committee information that will be used to assign members to the various TPYC committees for the coming season. This should take no more than 5 minutes. Recommended reading: please review the Many Hands Make Light Work policy in advance to assist in making your own committee selections. (click here).

2. This form will take payment for Membership Renewal to TPYC through the secure payment service Square. Like most online transactions this will take about 2 minutes.

–additional information on the above can be found at the bottom of this page–

Additional Information

Service at TPYC: All questions regarding the Many Hands Make Light Work policy should be directed to the Commodore and Vice Commodore. (email Bill & Peter).

Membership Class: If the suggested member classes listed above no longer fit your membership needs, contact Kathy Lawrence of the Membership Committee by email (email Kathy).

Payment Methods: At this time TPYC offers payment through Square or with a check by mail. If you prefer not to use an online payment system, you may still renew memberships by check—please see your mailed Membership Invoice from the Purser for details.

Early Payment Discount Discontinued: earlier this year the BOG voted to discontinue the $10.00 discount for early payment of membership dues. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

No Receipt Received? If you do not receive a receipt: please check your spam, or bulk email folder, or visit: (Request Receipt/Not Received)

Square Privacy & receipts for transactions: If you have requested that Square does not retain your information for future payments and you do not receive a receipt visit this link to find and print your receipt: (Request Receipt/Privacy)

About Square Online Payments: Square is a secure and trusted payment processor. Every transaction is 100% secure and none of your personal data related to this transaction will be stored on the TPYC website. Members can also choose to have Square “forget” personal information. Square offers an affordable and easy-to-understand fee structure, helpful online tools, and intuitive services for millions of small, smaller and micro-sized businesses. Maybe even yours?

Free Payment Processing for 6 Months (and help TPYC too): Is Square for you? If you want to learn more or want to use or switch to Square and benefit from free processing for the next six months follow this link, plus, TPYC will benefit from the referral.