Yes Paxton, the TPYC Fairies are Real

August 4th was a Magical Night in the Woods at TPYC

After two rained out attempts in July, August delivered a Magical experience for the young fairy watchers on August 4th.  And Mary Gagnon and her crew could not have asked for better weather for the twilight expedition. 

It was delightful she said. Preparing the site with tea lights and strings of tiny fairy lights around where the fairies “might be.” She also also dropped shiny glass marbles along the path for the children to keep if they found them. By 7:15 there were about a dozen children ready to go, with the youngest being the “almost four” Paxton. 

As they got started, Lead Fairy Watcher Mary Gagnon explained to the children that she had just gone into the woods looking for spots that had “fairy energy” and had marked them with tea lights to make it easier to locate for the children.  

“I told them the fairies would look like they weren’t moving but that was because they operated in a different dimension, and not to touch them or get too close. I also told them to avoid taking pictures or trying to get selfies with the fairies because they operate at a different vibration. the only thing that will show up is a blur of light and color;” said Lead Fairy Watcher Mary, joyfully adding with a twinkle in her eye, “I thought everyone knew that.”

Lead Fairy Watcher Mary Gagnon

Each child was given a single key that would aid in their ability of spotting fairies; the children were instantly hooked. the expedition took the children through the TPYC fairy village which Lead Fairy Watcher Mary believes none had ever seen before. The fairy village is filled with some wonderful structures in it, mesmerized, many of the children stopped in their tracks right there. Soon the group moved on down the trail in a scraggly line until they arrived at the spot where Gagnon had marked the beginning of the Fairy Walk.

As they made their way along the walk, Lead Fairy Watcher Mary tried, sometimes in vain, to keep the excited children behind her, stepping aside at just the right moments to grant the children the opportunity to spot the swiftly moving fairies. There were shouts of delight when they saw the woodland fairies in action. Some of the boys and girls even gave fanciful described what the saw the fairies doing. 

“Those little ones must have eyes far sharper eyes than mine,” Lead Fairy Watcher Mary said, “because in that twilight glow I could barely spot any of them!” 

Lead Fairy Watcher Mary Gagnon

While there were hopes and prayers that there would be more to the walk and more fairies to see, the children all seemed to be completely thrilled and satisfied when they had reached the end of the walk.

One pair of girls said the had lost their keys and were so disappointed. But their spirits were raised when Lead Fairy Watcher Mary replaced the key for them (for future walks) and explained that, “no doubt the fairies had snatched them and that they should be flattered.” 

Notably, young Paxton, “almost four,”  did NOT lose his key on the walk. Once the walk was complete she sent them ahead for snacks while she and her team went back and picked up.

Not long after finishing, two children arrived with their dad and were very disappointed to have missed the walk. One kind girl who did participate offered to take them on the walk, but was saddened to hear that the lights were gone and the fairies along with them. Each  of the two girls who arrived late was also given a key to help them see fairies in the future.  Minutes later they disappeared into the woods and on to the Fairy Village to see if they could find any stragglers.

When asked how the night turned out for her, Mary replied, “It was all I could have hoped for. It was Magical.”

The TPYC Fairy Walk takes place each summer at the end of July (or sometimes in the beginning of August depending on the weather. Helpers are always welcome and should contact Mary Gagnon by email here.

Join us on August 4th for a special night in the woods at TPYC

Come for a nearly-nocturnal Fairy Walk in the woods near TPYC on July 14th July 21 August 4 led by renowned local fairy expert, TPYC Member, and Lead Fairy Watcher Mary Gagnon this mid-summer flight of fancy will help make real, the unreal and seen, the unseen, the activities of our Fairy Friends that shelter by day and frolic by night in the woods near the club. 

We welcome any and all who believe in Fairies (or simply those who want to believe) to join us on August 4 at 7:00 on the lawn near the Senior Clubhouse. 

And while Fairies are more nocturnal than not, we will begin the search at 7:00 pm in the fading light of the day/ This way so even our youngest members might have the chance to witness Fairy magic before the moon fully overtakes the sun and the little ones are called to bed. 

Those wishing to try to capture the magical moments of a fairy in flight should bring a phone or camera with phone with a camera. You may just get lucky.

S’mores & Watermelon Make the Evening Complete

A bountiful feast of post-fairy treats by the fire is also planned. Thanks to some club volunteers, helping out Lead Fairy Watcher Mary Gagnon we will also be offering those who venture out some S’mores and watermelon to enjoy after the walk. Special thanks in advance to Maggie Donelan Johannes and Jamie Szal. Any pro-Fairy Member or Members interested in offering any additional assistance during the event should contact Mary Gagnon at as soon as possible. 

Specific Event Details

Event: Taylor Pond Summer Night Fairy Walk
Activity: Come walk through the woods near the club in the early eventing to look for and spot fairies. 
When: Thursday, August 4 at 7:00 pm (rain date TBD)
Where to Meet: On the lawn near the Senior Clubhouse
Who Should Come: Anyone who likes fairies, make-believe or maybe just wants to believe.
Fairy Spotting Advice: Bring a device like a phone or camera to take pictures. 
For More Information/Volunteer: contact Mary Gagnon at