So that we can get the Clubhouse open in advance of the Workday on May 22 we need members to volunteer (or even just show up and take care of these High Priority Tasks. Many of these can be done by individuals, pairs or small groups. Just let Mik Morrissey know in an email your plan. (EMAIL ADDRESS) Our goal would be to get them done by the Spring Workday. A full list of Spring Workday Tasks will be published soon.



  • Clean kitchen drawers, unpack contents
  • Inventory paper & plastic supplies, (see list in the sleeve inside the cabinet door) determine what we need and plan to purchase.
  • Move shelf contents out of drawers
  • Plug in fridge, (in closet behind) turn on low. Add a few gallons of water for efficiency if available
  • Bring the Optis on the porch to the end of the boat racks 


  • Clean toilets, sinks

Main Room

  • Move items stored here to their proper locations
  • Sweep and mop floors in club house 


  • Remove FJ out of the clubhouse
  • Set up Ping Pong Table
  • Move any items from outside (foosball, slider swing) back inside
  • Clean out unassigned lockers so they can be ready to rent
  • Clean out small room so it can be used as a changing room
  • Move water cooler inside (if it has been delivered)
  • Store cleaning supplies out of kids’ reach on the shelf above the bathroom sink
  • Clean Bathroom


  • Distribute trash and recycling cans near beach, picnic area and tennis courts….liner bags are in the kitchen