Lessons Health Guidelines

Guidelines for TPYC lessons for summer 2020

(Adapted from the Maine Department of Education summer in-person guidelines.)

TPYC intends for all classes to align with state and local laws and applicable executive orders. We recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be unpredictable and dynamic, so we will adjust these guidelines to conform to the relevant state guidelines and other guidelines from USSailing, the US Tennis Association, and the Gowrie Group, among others.

1.  Preparation of students, families, and instructors pre-entry:

Self-check for staff. Parents or caregivers should provide the same information about their child(ren) at the time of arrival.

  1. Do I feel unwell today?
  2. Do I have a cough or sore throat?
  3. Do I have a fever or do I feel feverish?
  4. Do I or have I had shortness of breath?
  5. Do or have I had a loss of taste or smell?
  6. Do or have I been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?
  7. Do or have I been living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?
  8. Have I been out of state in the last 14 days?
  9. Before leaving home, take temperature: is it 37.8 C/100 F or higher?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions, please stay home.

  • Parents/caregivers dropping off their children will be asked to complete this questionnaire. They will also be asked to provide a contact number in the event that classes need to end early because of weather, illness, or other concerns. 

2. Supplies that students should bring

Because it will not be possible for students and instructors to share personal items, students should have the following, and all should be labeled with their names:

  • Water 
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun hat
  • Life preserver (for sailing)
  • Mask 

In the interest of reducing clutter and the likelihood that things will be lost or picked up by others, students should bring minimal additional items from home. 

3.  Guidelines for instructional spaces:

  • Shoreside instruction will be conducted outside to allow for more space.
  • Students and instructors will remain 6 feet apart whenever possible. When this is not possible, instructors and students will use face masks and hand sanitizer.
  • In the event of rain or other inclement weather, class will be cancelled. 
  • Instructors will have masks and hand sanitizer with them for the times that they need to work closely with students.
  • Disinfecting of outdoor classroom spaces, equipment, and restroom facilities will be done according to guidelines of the Maine CDC.

4.  Instructional Space Procedures:

  1. Entering –
  • Instructor or designated volunteer will wait at a designated spot to check-in all students in the presence of parent or caregiver, who will fill out check-in form for each student.
  • Classes will begin with ample time after the previous class to reduce overlap between students arriving and leaving.
  • All students and instructors should observe 6-foot spacing in outdoor learning spaces.
  • Late arrivals should come to class, but parent or caregiver should make contact with an instructor to complete the check-in procedure and form before leaving the club grounds.
    • Throughout the lesson –
  • Students will need permission before leaving classroom/instructional space
  • Only one student should leave the classroom/instructional space at a time.
  • Students and instructors will wash/sanitize hands frequently throughout the day and specifically after coughing, sneezing, touching face, before/after eating or toileting
  • Instructors will wipe down frequently touched items several times a day 
  • Avoid sharing personal items, electronic devices, or learning materials among students
    • Exiting –
  • Require students to wash/sanitize hands prior to exiting classroom/instructional space

5.  Nursing Considerations:

  • If the use of inhaler is required, then student or staff must be excused to a designated area preferably outside or away from others
  • There will be a designated area to isolate ill students prior to dismissal

6.  Illness Policy:

  • Any symptoms or fever (37.8 C/100F) that are suggestive of illness requires students or instructors to stay home or, if already at TPYC, Instructors arrange immediate pickup.
  • If any members of a student’s or instructor’s household are ill, that person should not come to TPYC
  • If a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 has been identified, the areas/equipment that the infected person has used should be closed off and disinfected according to CDC guidelines. Other members of the class will be contacted about possible exposure.
  • Those who are sick should not return until being evaluated by a physician and should provide a note saying that it is safe for them to return to TPYC.
  • Those who are exposed to a person with COVID-19 should stay home and self-monitor for 14 days, following CDC guidelines if symptoms develop.

7. Enforcement, compliance

TPYC expects students to adhere as best they can to these guidelines and for parents and caregivers to support this effort. In the event that a student or caregiver repeatedly and intentionally disregards these guidelines, the student may be asked to leave the program.