COVID-19 Facilities & Equipment Considerations

This document is an outline for the club’s response to COVID-19 and the need to have the facility be safe for members to use. The following is a list of items to be in consideration for cleaning, sanitizing with consideration to products used and frequency completed.

Facilities and Equipment:

The list below provides the things that should be maintained by sanitizing on a frequency that reduces potential exposure. Club members, instructors or hired staff should be made aware of how to perform these responsibilities. Some items are after each use and others are as reasonability possible to be performed. All members should be washing hands frequently or using hand sanitizer often.

Sr. Club house

  1. Men’s restroom
  2. Women’s restroom
  3. Entrance doors(4 doors)
  4. Kitchen
  5. Deck furniture
  6. Water cooler

Jr. Club house

  1. Jr. Clubhouse restroom
  2. Entrance doors(2 doors)
  3. Sitting furniture
  4. Ping Pong Table
  5. Water cooler


  1. Sail Boats
    1. Deck of boat
    1. Tiller
    1. Center board
    1. Boom
    1. ?sail?
  2. Committee Boat
    1. Railings of boat
    1. Helm of boat(seat ,controls, wheel)
    1. Seats of the boat
  3. Safety boats
    1. Deck of boat
    1. Seats of the boat
    1. Tiller
  4. Dingy
    1. Deck of boat
    1. Seats
    1. Oars

Sanitizing Process:

  1. Collect supplies
    1. Safety gloves
    1. Qt size bottle of pre-mixed cleaner/sanitizer
    1. Cleaning cloths
  2. Cleaning process
    1. Flip top on cleaning bottle
    1. Dampen the cloth with cleaner
    1. Wipe surface, leaving the surface looking wet
    1. Allow surface to air dry