Member Dues-Renewal

Attn: This page and the renewal of annual dues is for existing members of Taylor Pond Yacht Club only.

-new member applicants click here for more information-

Welcome members to the 2021 season at Taylor Pond Yacht Club. This year, we are thrilled to be introducing online payment for annual memberships and services by existing members. We are also pleased to share with you that Membership Rates for 2021 remain unchanged over 2020.

We hope you will take advantage of this added convenience as we also plan to use it for processing Summer Lesson payment. If you prefer not to use an online payment system, you may still renew memberships by check—please see your mailed Membership Invoice from the Purser for details.

To renew your annual membership online:

  1. Find your Membership Class and click the payment button below that class.
  2. A new window will open on the fully secure Square website (see below for more about Square).
  3. Please be prepared with your:
    • debit or credit card
    • everyday email address
    • phone number
    • postal code

Like most online transactions this will take about 2-3 minutes and once completed. You will receive a receipt for the transaction at the email address provided.

If one of the suggested member classifications below no longer fits your membership needs, please reach out to Kathy Lawrence of the Membership Committee by email (click the link) for assistance.

2021 TPYC Membership Dues Renewal Classifications

Family Membership Renew your annual family membership to Taylor Pond Yacht Club for families is $500. Your family membership at TPYC makes you eligible for a 50% discount on Summer Lessons.

Renew Now for $500

Singles with Children – An annual Singles with Children membership renewal costs $375 per year and is meant for single parents or guardians with children under 18 years of age. Like a Family Membership, it entitles you to a 50% discount on Summer Lessons.

Renew Now for $375

Couples Membership – A couples membership is $375 and is meant for any couple; even empty nesters. As long as there are two of you this is the membership for you.

Renew Now for $375

Single Membership – A single membership is for one individual and costs $250; not much more to explain there.

Renew Now for $250

Once again, if one of the suggested member classes above does not fit your membership needs, please reach out to Kathy Lawrence of the Membership Committee by email (click the link) for assistance.

About Square Online Payments

Square is a secure and trusted payment processor. Every transaction is 100% secure and none of your personal data related to this transaction will be stored on the TPYC website. You can can also choose to have Square “forget” your personal information. Square offers an affordable and easy to understand fee structure, helpful online tools, and intuitive services for millions of small, smaller and micro-sized businesses. Maybe even yours?

Free Payment Processing for 6 Months
(and help TPYC too)

Is Square for you? If you want to learn more or want to use or switch to Square and benefit from free processing for the next 6 months follow this link, plus, TPYC will benefit from the referral.